Terms of use

The organizations microsite is a City of Saint-Lambert initiative whose goal is to support local organizations in promoting their activities and public interest announcements to the community of Saint-Lambert. As such, the City of Saint-Lambert is responsible for the proper functioning of this communications platform, and the individual organizations are responsible for the information published on it.

Use of this microsite is restricted to organizations recognized by the municipality under the Organization Recognition and Support Policy.

Posting an announcement

To post an announcement, recognized organizations must first complete the microsite registration process. Then, they simply have to complete the online application form and fulfil the conditions required.

Having trouble using the microsite? You can consult the procedure (in French) to know the steps to follow.

Once their application form has been submitted, organizations must allow up to two business days for their announcement to be posted online. The deadline may change without notice.

It is not possible to modify the content of an announcement once the form has been completed and submitted. To make corrections or to delete an announcement, organizations must contact the Communications Management division. If too many corrections are required, the City of Saint-Lambert will delete the announcement, and the organization will have to start the process over again.

Quality control

The City of Saint-Lambert reserves the right to approve announcements and to review their content, if necessary, before publication. The City may refuse to publish a message if its content is deemed inappropriate or unclear, if it contains defamatory statements or incomplete information, or if the language is of poor quality.

In the event that the City of Saint-Lambert refuses an announcement, the contact person for the organization will receive an email informing them of this decision. In such a case, this person may then make the necessary modifications to ensure that it meets the requirements for publication.

Responsibilities of the organizations

Organizations assume full responsibility for the information, hyperlinks and documents contained in their publications. While the City hosts this platform, it cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the content of publications written and provided by organizations.

Organizations must also ensure that they do not violate intellectual property law, especially copyright law. It is the user’s responsibility to first obtain any necessary publication rights. The City of Saint-Lambert will therefore not be liable for any consequences of a breach of this responsibility, if applicable.

Rights of the municipality

The City of Saint-Lambert reserves the right to modify these terms of use or terminate this service at any time and without prior notice for the purposes of ensuring the proper management of this platform’s activities.

Support and questions

Questions? Contact the Communications Management division at 450-466-3077 or communications@saint-lambert.ca.