The Saint-Lambert Games are back for a 21th edition!
The Saint-Lambert Games are back for a 21th edition!
Published on June 21, 2022 by Saint-Lambert Games to Benefit Cancer Research

Since their first edition, the Saint-Lambert Games have been gathering participants of all ages (3 and up) for a fun-filled day of physical activity and friendly outdoor Olympic-style competition to benefit the Society. The Saint-Lambert Games Renaissance Edition are back in 2022 in a hybrid format:

1) By yourselves or in virtual / Until June 30

The Games are inviting you to substitute the habitual sprint, long jump, throwing of the disc, rope pull and potato bag race and to uphold the tradition by participating in a personal challenge of your choice. Whether a walk, sprint, cycling circuit, burpee challenge, half marathon or other, alone, in a couple, among friends or with your family, unth 30th in support of cancer research!

Register today to become a « Champion of Research » in support of the Cancer Research Society and to confirm your intention to accomplish your personal challenge at your own rhythm.

2) At Seaway Park / July 10

On July 10th, you will be invited to join in the celebration for 21 years of Saint-Lambert Games Renaissance Edition! We look forward to counting you among us!

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