Workshop Intensely Collage
Workshop Intensely Collage
Published on May 15, 2023 by Maison des Arts Rive-Sud
Collage will be studied from all aspects and will be incorporated into mixed media. The collage process is exciting and creative and yields unexpected results. There is nothing more fun that giving new life to old work on paper and mono print , as well as the use of newsprint and all sorts of other paper bits.
This workshop will be held in both English and French.
Material required: Old work on paper, to be torn up. Newsprint and a variety of colored and B/W pieces of paper. Black gesso, acrylic medium or gel, as well as brushes to apply. Several sheets of paper (support for collage) preferably around 130 lbs, (if not bring what you have).
Optional: black gesso, old monoprints, permanent black markers, some tubes of acrylic paint, monotypes, watercolour pencils, etc.

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