The Centenary of Saint-Lambert’s Cenotaph
The Centenary of Saint-Lambert’s Cenotaph
Published on July 7, 2022 by Mouillepied Historical Society

On July 9th 1922, General Sir Arthur Currie unveiled the Cenotaph in Mercille Park, a monument in honour of all those soldiers who died in the First World War. With a population of only 3,000, 300 joined the armed forces and 60 of those died.

From July 1919, a committee chose the type of monument and its location, raised $10,000 and hired the Thomson Monument of Toronto to produce the monument. This company gave the design contract to Emanuel Otto Hahn (1881-1957), a Canadian sculptor of German origin. Are engraved the names of the 60 soldiers ‘’who made the supreme sacrifice’’. The blocks and the bags of sand symbolize the trenches, the steles represent the battle grounds. The young soldier in bronze is a reminder of all those we are honouring.

After the Second World War, the names of the 72 Saint-Lambert soldiers who lost their lives were added. A conference will follow in October.

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