Grant concerning the Legion Archives
Grant concerning the Legion Archives
Published on June 10, 2021 by Mouillepied Historical Society
The Mouillepied Historical Society of Saint-Lambert is pleased to announce that work has begun on the archives of Saint-Lambert’s Branch 68 of the Royal Canadian Legion. These archives include administrative documents, texts about various activities, 845 photos, 27 CDs, ten films, 100 slides and 500 negatives taken during World War II. These archives represent a significant piece of history for Saint-Lambert who sent a large number of volunteer soldiers to the two great world wars of the last century: several families still remember one of their loved ones who died or was wounded in battle.
This project has been made possible in great part thanks to the financial support of the Documentary Heritage Communities Program offered by Library and Archives Canada (@BiblioArchives).
Madame Nicole Ménard, Member of Quebec’s Parliament for Laporte, has also offered support for this project.

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