The St Lambert Early French Immersion Initiative
The St Lambert Early French Immersion Initiative
November 16, 2022
07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Maison Desaulniers 574 av. Notre-Dame, Saint-Lambert
5$ - Gratuit pour les membres
In the 1960s, Olga Melikoff, Valerie Neale and Murielle Parkes, mothers in Saint-Lambert, frustrated by the limited opportunities for their English-speaking children to learn fluent French, became the driving force behind what was soon known as the St Lambert French Immersion Experiment. Ardeth Neale’s conference will present the many challenges faced by a group of forward-thinking parents, leading up to the first experimental class in September 1965, at Margaret Pendlebury School, and the eventual institutionalization of French Immersion in our public school system. The initiative became a model for other immersion programs across the globe. Tens of thousands of children across Canada are able to enjoy French Immersion education thanks to this tenacious group of St. Lambert parents. The conference will be in French.
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