Réseau écocitoyen de Saint-Lambert
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Created in December 2016, the Réseau écocitoyen de Saint-Lambert (ecocitizens network) rallies together all citizens and actors in Saint-Lambert life who place importance on:

  • reducing consumption of natural resources;
  • curbing pollution and human activities that harm the climate, biodiversity, health and peace; and
  • ensuring a transition to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle that respects both living beings and nature.

The aim of the Réseau écocitoyen de Saint-Lambert is to enable its members to:

  • meet with fellow citizens who share their concerns, lend each other support in their individual efforts and carry out collective project in their community;
  • raise public awareness of ecological problems and possible solutions by communicating with the population and holding public events; and
  • by exerting influence on political decisions to ensure that they promote environmental protection and support the transition.

The Réseau écocitoyen acts mainly in the areas of urban agriculture, responsible consumption, sustainable mobility and outreach.

Our mission

Our mission is to help build a Saint-Lambert community that is:

  • responsible, whose impact on nature is less than nature’s ability to regenerate to ensure that current and future generations are able to meet their needs;
  • resilient, in the face of ecological and economic crises by focussing on increasing local exchanges and reducing dependence on gas;
  • friendly, thanks to citizen initiatives, cooperation, and the inclusion of all citizens in their diversity; and
  • open to the world, and recognized for its commitment to a greener world.
Photos of the organization
Réseau écocitoyen de Saint-Lambert