Centre du mieux-être Ici et Maintenant
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The Centre IEM offers activities to help you replenish your resources, increase your sense of well-being, and allow yourself time for your body, heart and mind.

Through weekly courses and workshops:

  • Mindfulness mediation
  • Qi Gong health
  • Taoist practices

*For all ages and conditions.

The School of Five Elements is a division of the Centre IEM offering more in-depth instruction on Qi Gong and tools from Chinese medicine.

What is Qi Gong?

Qi = energy, Gong = work, mastery. It is a sequence of slow movements combined with mindful breathing, visualization and sometimes sounds. All to release body tensions, improve the flow of the Qi and maintain vital energy.

What is mindfulness and Taoist meditation?

It allows us to develop attitudes of letting go, acceptance, and kindness, and to integrate them into our daily life. It is a time for replenishing our resources and nurturing our sense of well-being. Taoist practices have therapeutic benefits and help in the healing process.

Your meditation, Qi Gong and Taoist instructor, Louise Crevier, is a Chinese medicine practitioner and naturopath. An instructor associated with the Tao Garden in Thailand. Also trained in China by Master Ming Yué (Hun Yuan Qi Gong), by the Dong Fang Yi Yuan School of Shaolin (Yi Jin Jing Xi Sui Gong) and doctors Yuan Jia Hua and Xin Jing (Zhi Neng Therapeutic).

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Centre du mieux-être Ici et Maintenant

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Centre du mieux-être Ici et Maintenant