Sauvetage sportif Saint-Lambert
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Lifesaving sport is the only sport with the goal of saving lives. Sauvetage sportif Saint-Lambert is a non-profit organization that offers lifesaving training, both in and out of the water, to youngsters aged 7 years and over. The training sessions are designed to prepare the athletes for various regional competitions, as well as provincial and Canadian championships.

The athletes put their first-aid knowledge and skills, judgment, teamwork skills and physical strength into practice in a variety of events. We offer “technical” training through the following components: first aid, supervision, and priorities for senior athletes (ages 16 years and over); and first aid, lifesaving, and priorities for junior lifeguards (ages 7 to 15 years).

Our services

We also offer “physical” training through the following events: obstacle swim, line throw/precision throw, and manikin carry and tow, as well as certain relay events and events with fins.

Whether you want to prepare for lifesaving courses or you’re looking for more stimulating and varied training in the pool, lifesaving sport is right for you!

Come train and have fun with us on Sunday evenings!

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Sauvetage sportif Saint-Lambert