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Lapraicyle-Desjardins is a developmental and competitive road cycling club for youth aged 7 to 16. Founded in 1993, this non-profit organization's mission is to promote cycling sports through training and the organization of cycling activities. It promotes safe cycling, physical fitness and sportsmanship among young people. It is run by a team of passionate cyclists who are proud to pass on their passion to the younger generation. Lapraicycle-Desjardins is affiliated with the Fédération québécoise des sports cyclistes (FQSC).

Joining the Lapraicycle-Desjardins club means :

  • Accessing a safe training environment
  • Learn road cycling techniques (skills, pacing, time trial)
  • Have fun with friends
  • Promote sports and healthy lifestyle habits

To register for the club:

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Lapraicycle Club