Saint-Lambert Water Polo Club
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Water polo is a game of endurance and teamwork. Played in the water, it is a complete sport, because in addition to throwing, catching and passing the ball, players have to swim constantly. It therefore provides major benefits for health and physical well-being, not to mention the fun of playing with other people.

The Saint-Lambert Water Polo Club offers activities for youngsters aged 5 to 19. The different groups allow players to practice this sport in order to learn how to swim, have fun or join a competitive team.

Several teams perform in a number of recreational and competitive categories. The Club promotes excellence, fun and the improvement of its athletes’ skills.

To learn more or sign up, feel free to contact us.

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Saint-Lambert Water Polo Club

600, avenue Oak
Saint-Lambert (Québec) J4P 2R6

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Saint-Lambert Water Polo Club